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What makes Portugal Unique

Portugal has been blessed with unique landscapes and an attractive climate all year around. A small country in size, one of the biggest in diversity and quality, it was recently awarded the World's Leading Destination in 2017 and 2018.

With a state-supported health system and a network of public schools, and a safe and attractive environment for individuals and families, Portugal has a strong reputation as a welcoming nation. Portuguese are warm, festive and happy.

If sports are an integral part of your lifestyle, Portugal is the ideal place to practice all kinds sports, from watersports, to indoor and outdoor sports. 


Safe & Secure

The Portuguese are relaxed by nature and you can feel that stress-free environment and safety it gives you when walking down our streets or in a crowded place.  We take pride in being a peaceful and tranquil country.  

The great outdoors

Portuguese are very proud of their beautiful country, the natural resources, the light, the mountains and the coastline. There are activities and sports all year round to help you enjoy our great outdoors and share our pride in such a unique place.

Fun & Festivals

The Portuguese are music lovers so there are concerts and festivals all year round in every region of the country, that cater to all kinds of styles, rhythms and musical tastes in relaxed and friendly environments. At the end of the academic year, we celebrate with popular music and sardines each city’s patron saint. These are a fantastic opportunity to visit other destinations in Portugal and get a feel of the cultures and traditions of those areas.

Sunrise & Sunsets

Make the most of our sunlight and share the many hours that we like spending at the beach, in a park, sightseeing, enjoying the “vistas” that we are so fond of, or in an esplanade having a drink and a nice conversation with your new Portuguese friends.

Warm, Welcoming & Happy people

This is the one thing that all those who visit us are unanimous about, the people. As soon as you arrive you will feel at home, we love receiving guests and everyone will be made to feel included and part of the family.

Family and friends are at the core of Portuguese society. “Do you want to go for a coffee?” Not only is this an excuse for taking one of the Portuguese favourite drinks, but a simple invitation for a moment of relaxation.

Food & Wine

It is very common to find the Portuguese talking about food, it is one of our favorite subjects and there is a good reason for this. It isn’t hard to find a great restaurant with simple and tasty food around every corner. In the “tascas” traditional flavours are served and in the Michelin Guide the new stars of the Portuguese restaurants shine, and they are 23 in total. Even a small café will be able to offer you some amazing snacks. It is necessary to reserve time to discover the unique flavours of Portugal inspired by our Mediterranean culture. And the wine… one of the best in the world and at very affordable prices.


No matter what you are most fond of, football is the king sport: amongst friends on indoor facilities, in public parks or at the beach, a football will always be present. If you stay long enough in Portugal, for sure you will end up rooting for your newly-favourite club or for our national team. One will often witness passionate debates on the street, cafes, bars or restaurants, or you can take your passion to a different level at the stadiums. For a nation of 10 million people, it is impressive how it already gave birth to three Best World Football Players in Eusébio, Figo or, presently, Cristiano Ronaldo.


Creativity, ability to adapt to unpredicted circumstances and the art of always being calm in the middle of a storm are strongly linked to the Portuguese. A problem is always faced as a challenge that is going to be overcome, and it is frequently a way to invent new approaches and to create new knowledge. Portugal has become an important hub of start-ups and forefront technological developments, and you may find some examples here.


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