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PhD Programmes and Scholarships

Decided on doing a PhD. Now what?

Decide based on what is more important to you: Where? Who? What? Is it the location? Is it the institution? Is it the research group or the supervisor? Is it the research topic? Use our search engine to have your questions answered.

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Three useful notes on...


Decide on a supervisor, and contact the research group coordinator expressing your interest in being admitted for doctoral studies in a given topic.

Institutions have a list of PhD Programmes available in different domains. You will be informed on the institutional procedures that must be carried out in order for you to be admitted. Be ready to present a proof of academic qualifications.

Once admitted, you will be informed on the procedures to enrol in the high education institution that will be responsible for awarding you the PhD degree.

PhD Funding

To be able to cover your living costs and institutional annual tuition fees, PhD candidates usually try to obtain a scholarship. In the majority of cases, PhD scholarships are awarded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) on an annual basis.

Information on past PhD Scholarship Calls here.

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PhD Options

Host institutions may be: R&D Units, State Laboratories, Associated Laboratories, Collaborative Laboratories or Interface Centres. Research work may be also carried out in collaboration with companies.

The work programme may be entirely or partially carried out in a national institution (national or mixed scholarships, respectively), or in a foreign institution (overseas scholarships). See the 2018 regulation.

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