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To study in higher education:

  • You must fulfill the conditions of admission/acceptance to a higher education institution to attend a study programme and have sufficient resources.
  • The study visa is valid for the duration of the study programme, and/or up to a year.

To research:

  • Either a work contract/hosting agreement with a research center or with a higher education institution; 
  • Or a proof of acceptance at a research center or higher education institution and hold a scholarship or  a research grant;
  • Or a term of responsibility subscribed by the research center or higher education institution that guarantees the admission, as well as the accommodation expenses.

For highly qualified or cultural teaching, additional documentation is necessary, namely:

  • Work contract or pre contract agreement or a contract of provision of services;
  • Invitation letter issued by a teaching or professional training institution;
  • Term of responsibility from a certified company as defined by a ministerial order from the members of Government responsible for the internal affairs and the economy;
  • Invitation letter issued by a company or entity that develops a cultural activity in the national territory, recognised by the member of Government responsible for culture, as an activity of interest for the country or as defined by law;
  • Invitation letter issued by a research centre


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