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State, Associated, Collaborative Laboratories


Creating Economic and Social Value

Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB) are private companies, or non-profit associations, established as an independent legal entity, comprising different entities: Higher Education Institutions, through its institutes and R&D Units; Associated and State laboratories; Interface Centres; SMEs; Business Associations; Public Institutions.

CoLABs complement and reinforce the landscape of Research Performing Organisations, promoting collaborative efforts in search for solutions to large-scale and grand challenges.

Their main goal is to create skilled and scientific jobs in Portugal.


Associated Laboratories

Breakthrough Knowledge with Maximum Impact

Associated Laboratories are associated scientific institutions, under a special regulatory framework, with the objective of pursuing particular goals of science and technology policies. The statute of Associated Laboratory and corresponding level of funding depends on periodic evaluation (every 10 years) and it is awarded by the Government.

State Laboratories

Implementing Public Science and Technology Policies

State Laboratories are public institutions, which are created and supported by the State to pursue its science and technology policies. The activities of a State Laboratory go beyond research and development, namely service provider, support to industry, standards and norms, certification, or regulatory framework.

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